“Gene Bottoms told me you need a good consultant who can work with you on your grant for brain-based learning. We had a guy present at summer conference named Bob Greenleaf; the guy was phenomenal! They were sitting on the floor in the aisles, and standing along the back & he received high reviews. He did 4 sessions [for us]. He’s very agreeable to work with, very flexible and knowledgeable.”

Deborah Black, HSTW

“I thought the conference with Dr. Greenleaf was one of the best I have been to. Not only were we given detailed information in terms we could understand, we were given explicit ways to apply ideas in the classroom. The problem I have with many conferences is that I leave not knowing how to use what I have learned. I am already applying the new knowledge in my class, the day after the conference. Thank you so much! “

“His energy was contagious. The strategies he shared are practical and the rationale that underscores them is easy to comprehend.” “Excellent delivery, interesting, thought provoking. Used research from sci studies, practical, wonderful ideas for making meaningful connections with students”


“Would have been thrilled to listen to and learn from him for two days straight!” “Bob is excited about what he does and it comes across clearly in his presentations. His excitement is contagious! Good speaker.” “He’s just amazing – to combine the practice, the theory, AND the presentation skills to his level is wonderful.” “Beautifully prepared presentation – something for teachers of all grades K – 12”