Putting Research to Practical Use for Long-Term Memory, Recall and Transfer

Workshops / Institutes

Gatherings on Impacting the Brain through Educational Practices


Ideas and strategies useful to the practitioner,  researched materials that provide applications for increasing student performance and outcomes.


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What We Do

Neuroscience and cognitive psychology research are beginning to provide insights into the domains of teaching and learning

  • Where are the intersections?
  • How might we translate the findings into relevant, applicable ideas for consideration?
  • What learning strategies emerge, with what methods of instruction?

Primary Questions

  • How can I frame” (design) the learning circumstance or activity so that it INVITES ALL learners to get involved, to participate?
  • How can I design the learning experience such that it will CAUSE learners to process, to do the work required for sustained learning and recall to take place?
  • How do I engineer tasks that create opportunities for multiple PATHWAYS to be formed (connections made) for integrated learning, application, and recall?

Greenleaf Learning is dedicated to reviewing current research and creating literature with an eye toward purposeful applications to learning. Some cornerstones of focus are in the areas of:

  • Instructional Strategies to Engage All Learners
  • Safe Learning Environments
  • Frameworks to Engage Long-Term Memory and Recall Structures
  • Considerations Across the Five Natural Learning Systems: Cognitive, Emotional, Social, Physical, and Reflective ~ a la Given
  • The Merging of Best Practices: a la Marzano et al’s Nine Most Effective Instructional Strategies for Student Achievement

About Us

Dr. Robert K. Greenleaf was formerly a professional development specialist at Brown University. Bob has 45 years of experience in education ranging from superintendent, principal, teacher, & special education.  As President of Greenleaf Learning Bob has traveled the world conducting Brain & Learning Institutes.  Dr. Bob’s doctoral work was at Vanderbilt with undergrad psychology.  bob@greenleaflearning.com