Creating and Changing Mindsets

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Strategies for Long-Term Impact Upon Change and the Acts of Achievement, Motivation, and Relationship Building

This book would not have been conceived, if rational behavior was the basis for human interaction and the mysteries of learning and development might not loom in such large wonderment. Yet, there are some strategies to assist. The questions have long been; “for how long will this practice be in place;” or “will this change last?” Addressing the behavior of another (student, child, colleague) seldom prevents repeat occurrences. We may subdue or postpone behavior, but our experience is that the behavior typically returns and repeats itself.

Focusing on the mind’s internal movies holds much more promise toward impacting behaviors and attitudes. People learn, act out, disrupt, etc. as a result of the internal movies playing continuously in their minds. These movies precipitate behaviors. Teachers and parents encounter them daily. Changing behaviors, attitudes and/or choices, long-term, through the “Movies of the Mind” can be done. Creating “Can-Do” attitudes is a process we can influence. This book provides seven strategies for helping to generate a productive foundation of internal movies from which to make decisions.

This book deploys strategies that impact people’s actions in a sustained manner, then tomorrow may be a bit easier… and more pleasant for all of us!

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