Improve Student Learning Outcomes by Engaging Learners in Visual & Nonlinguistic Strategies, Activities & Organizers

Brain research, though historically focused on abnormalities and pharmaceuticals, has evidenced unprecedented levels of attention in education and learning endeavors. We have come to understand that “learning” is not merely an exercise in storing information for artificially engineered tests. Our interest and intent have evolved to encompass the notions of recall, long-term memory, and applications ~ not to mention life-long learning habits.

Our goal in teaching and learning must be to create environments and conditions in which learners are more likely to make greater attempts at processing sufficiently for understanding and application, resulting in increased longterm memory. This book seeks to explore in detail a vital aspect of learning and the brain that supports the acquisition of sustained understanding.

It is our intent to actively merge brain science research and educational best practice. To that end, we have selected two profound works as the foundation for the strategies we have developed. From the neuroscience side of the equation, we embrace the model put forward by Dr. Barbara Given in her work on the natural learning systems of the brain. From the educational side, we build on the meta-analyses done by Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock in 2001, on the nine most effective educational strategies leading to student achievement.

“Memory, Recall, the Brain & Learning” provides over 40 proven, practical, and easy to implement activities and 35 organizers to encourage your students to become engaged in the learning process while in your classroom.

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