Making Connections for Long-Term Memory & Recall

This book seeks to explore teaching and learning through three overarching lenses:

Question #1 How can I “frame” (design) the learning circumstance or activity so that it INVITES ALL learners to get involved, to participate?

Question#2 How can I design the learning experience such that it will CAUSE learners to process, to do the work required for sustained learning and recall to take place?

Question #3 How do I engineer tasks that create opportunities for multiple PATHWAYS to be formed (connections made) for integrated learning, application and recall?

Brain research, though historically focused on abnormalities and pharmaceuticals, has evidenced unprecedented levels of attention in education and learning endeavors. We’ve come to understand that “learning” is not merely an exercise in storing information for artificially engineered tests. Our interest and intent have evolved to encompass the notions of recall, long-term memory and applications – not to mention life-long learning habits.

This book seeks to blend the best of educational practices with what the neuroscience literature has to offer, to date.

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