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Creating and Changing Mindsets

Movies of the Mind: Strategies for Long-Term Impact Upon Change and the Acts of Acheivement, Motivation, and Relationship Building

Focusing upon the behavior of a student seldom prevents repeat occurrences. We may subdue behavior, but our experience is that the behavior always returns/repeats. Focusing on the mind’s internal movies does impact behaviors and attitudes. People learn, act out, disrupt, etc. as a result of the internal movies playing continuously in the mind. These movies generate behaviors. Teachers encounter them daily. Changing behaviors (attitudes/choices), long term, through the "Movies of the Mind" can be done. Creating "Can-Do" attitudes is a process we can influence!

Learning Outcomes Participants will:

  • Focus on processes impacting mindsets (behaviors) of learners
  • Explore several strategies for accomplishing long range changes in student behaviors via choices
  • Be involved with how the strategies affect them personally
  • Learn ways to foster individual, classroom and even school wide change

Effects on Student Learning:

  • Students, when aligned with learning tasks, will retain more and perform at higher levels
  • Students, when more engaged, will put more time and energy into learning activities than into resistance and disruptive behaviors

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