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Brain Based Teaching

Making Connections for Long-Term Memory & Recall

This workshop specifically targets the question: "How do I frame existing lessons so that all learners become engaged in learning?" The goals are to engage all learners simultaneously; to cause learners to do the work (processing) of learning; and to create multiple connections with respect to the important ideas being taught.

  • The Making of Meaning
  • From Hemisphericity to Neuroscience
  • Writing with the Brain in Mind
  • Integrating Learning Styles, Content & the Mind
  • Passive Attention: S/he who Works and Thinks... Learns
  • The Power of Silence: The "Second" Wait-Time
  • Grouping Students: The Power of 2 for Time on Task
  • Student Generated Learning
  • Reading & the Neurosciences, What’s Known?
  • Illustration: The Power of Internal Imagery
  • Questions: What type, When?
  • Removing Barriers to Learning
  • What’s up with Praise, Rewards and Motivation a la the Amygdala?
  • Emotion: Building Long Term Memory into Lessons
  • Elaboration
  • Visual Imagery and Memory
  • Movement and Learning: the Influence of Context
  • Behavioral Aspects: Procedures & Routines
  • The Brain and Classroom Environment
  • Sleep and the brain

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