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Gatherings on Impacting the Brain through Educational Practices
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The Gifted Brain
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Parent Work Shops
Top 5 Ways Parents Can Impact Their Children's Success & Well-Being:

New !... this talk merges the best of neuroscience research, educational practices, psychology and relationship building to illuminate five ways parents can effectively impact the capacities of their children to be successful at school and in life.

Developing Successful Kids: What's My Role?
Limited time. Limited resources. What can a parent do, given the many demands on family life, family time… to help their children develop in constructive ways? What is important for parents to consider? What anti-dotes might exist to combat potential “at-riskness” of some youth? Ideas, information and how-to’s fill this workshop.

Making Tomorrow More the Way You Want It To Be

So, what do you want? Get off my back. Quite picking on me! I’m busy. Leave me alone. It’s been a difficult day. Now What? If you want to do things today… to make tomorrow better - come on in and dream, plan, and learn how to take action. What’s the best you can imagine for yourself a few years from now? Do you really want to make it happen? Let’s talk about ways students and parents can become aware of each others’ needs and keep track of how to get it done!

Mixed Brains & Home Happenings: Making Differences Work

Some differences are genetic. Some are learned. Some align well. Some do not. We’ll explore the styles of youth and parents with the use of two quick assessment instruments on learning styles and left/right brain preferences and tendencies. Differences often get in the way - instead of enhancing the situation. From mowing the lawn to cooking meals to keeping the house or bedroom, each of us has our way of doing things. Learn about your style, understanding processing variances, and laugh with examples of your own family!

Keynote: Today's Investment: Tomorrow's Capabilities

Encountering challenges is part of living. The decisions we m
ake along the way impact not only possibilities, but probabilities. From our first work experience to learning to taking on a personal challenge, getting from where we find ourselves ~ closer to where we would like to be.. .is the ongoing journey. Let's start today, to enjoy the ride!

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