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The Adolescent Brain
Motion and Emotion
The Bilingual Brain
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The Society for Neuroscience is a nonprofit membership organization of basic scientists and physicians who study the brain and nervous system. The Society's primary goal is to promote the exchange of information among researchers

Dr. Gary Phillips

Workshops & Materials, National School Improvement Project

David A. Levine

In Care of Students (ICS) is a training, development, and research group dedicated to creating schools Schools of Belonging. A School of Belonging is a place where staff and students feel safe both emotionally and physically, where they feel supported, and where students feel enthusiastic about the discoveries each new school day will bring. Workshops for students!

New England Academy



Dr. Jeb Schenck

Workshops & Materials


Dr. Hal Hayden

Evaluation of Programs



Mary Fowler



Nature Publishing Group

Emotions and Emotional Intelligence - Cornell

The Journal of Neuroscience

The Development of Language

MIT Cognet

UCSB Department of Psychology

New Horizons for Learning


The Human Brain Project at Caltech

US Department of Education

EBSCO Information Services

PBS - The Secret Life of the Brain

Schwab Learning - Learning Styles and Emotions

Sleep for Science


Effects Of Video Game Playing On Children

Sherry Norfolk

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