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Neuroscience and Learning Workshop
St. Luke's School in New York City
Changing Mindsets Workshop
November 12, 2002 Workshop
More Feedback
November 12, 2002 Workshop

Participant feedback from the November 12, 2002 Workshop

  • Thanks for a thought-provoking, well-presented workshop. I appreciated by the effort to cross curriculum areas and ages.
  • I thought the conference with Dr. Greenleaf was one of the best I have been to. Not only were we given detailed information in terms we could understand, we were given explicit ways to apply ideas in the classroom. The problem I have with many conferences is that I leave not knowing how to use what I have learned. I am already applying the new knowledge in my class, the day after the conference. Thank you so much!
  • This was a pleasant combination of information and practical suggestions for teaching. I began my studies in linguistics because of a brain and language course so I particularly enjoyed the subject. The speaker was engaging and varied the information and activities resulting in a program that was entertaining and informative without being a painful barrage of facts.
  • I thought Dr. Greenleaf was excellent and was good about using his techniques on us, rather than just telling us about them.
  • One of the best I've been to in a long time. Dr. Greenleaf was one of the best speakers I've ever seen!
  • This was one of the best conferences that I have attended in a long time. I was pleased that the teaching suggestions were was based on good research. The presentation was also lively enough to keep me attentive for the entire time.
  • This speaker, Dr. Greenleaf, and conference was one of the best I've attended in a very long time. He interspersed just enough updated information with humor, modeling and activities for the timeframe. While some of the information was what we already do at our school, it was good to have it affirmed. It also reminded me about how I teach and how I can be a better teacher. It reminded me how I learned and felt growing up. I want to do the best with and for my students and will rethink some of my approaches. Thank you!

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