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Neuroscience and Learning Workshop
St. Luke's School in New York City
Changing Mindsets Workshop
November 12, 2002 Workshop
More Feedback
Changing Mindsets Workshop

Praise from the Changing Mindsets Workshop

  • Wonderful! Amazing! Energizing! Creative! Simple! Common Sense! Refreshing! I can hardly wait to get home and start some new rituals. I can't thank you enough!
  • Gets message across using life experiences and stories that relate to what we do everyday in our schools - gave me many ideas to improve our school - Excellent presentation.
  • Best session during entire two days. Gave me great ideas which I often times don't get as a twenty-five year teacher. Keep up the good work.
  • Outstanding presentation; engaging; hilarious; stimulating; provided excellent ideas to implement
  • Very useful information was presented in a very inspirational way.
  • Excellent ideas for family rituals and how we can compliment them in a school setting.
  • Clear, concise information, easily applied to a multitude of situation. Positive attitudes are contagious.

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