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Gatherings on Impacting the Brain through Educational Practices
Memory, Recall & the Brain
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Memory, Recall & the Brain

The conscious mind works primarily in image and emotion. Nonlinguistic Representations are reported in the research to generate as much as a 26% increase in student performance outcomes. What nonlinguistic strategies can be used that engage the mind? What about pictures and illustrations? Are there strategies for engaging the five natural learning systems? Can we merge the research on effective instructional strategies with the neurosciences and generate "Minds-On" learning? Are there some learners or learner types that would benefit from nonlinguistic representation approaches to processing and interpreting information? Let's try several ways to make this happen.

Participants will Use and Explore:

  • 5 Natural Learning Systems
  • 9 Researched Learning/Achievement Strategies
  • Illustration: Pre/Post Uses
  • Venn diagrams. "Splash" methods.
  • Compare/Contrast/Classify
  • Concept Attainment
  • Forming Definitions
  • Note Taking Schemata
  • Explore the Physical Learning System/Movement

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